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Anniversary Campaign


Two days. Two locations. Our team got together at an impressive property in Seaforth to showcase KING furniture in its natural habitat. We then headed to the KING headquarters in Sydney where some of Australia’s finest furniture design and manufacturing takes place.


Whilst the retail film for KING explores the comfort, beauty and potential of KING furniture within elegant contemporary spaces, the brand and social films delve into the labour, precision and passion carried out by KING craftsman from where it's quality inevitably derives.



KING’s concept behind the Anniversary Campaign was to explore the relationship between craftsmanship and technology, and how this contributes to the quality and assurance of their furniture to "stand the test of time, for generations to come". 


For the in-between campaign KING wanted to focus of the "why buy KING" message

 Concept | Direction | Production | Post | Final Delivery


 Concept | Direction | Production | Post | Final Delivery


Brand 15sec TVC

Retail 15sec TVC

Heritage Social Film

Design Social Film

Flexibility Social Film

Steel Social Film

Sustainability Social Film

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