KING - The Art of Living

Outdoor Campaign 2020


We wanted to shift the brand to focus on comfortable, relaxed Australian living and what better place to appreciate the beauty of the Australian outdoors than Byron Bay?


It was by no accident that the warm glows and coastal hues integrated throughout this body of work pay homage to the Australian landscape and correspond with the style and tones of the outdoor KING collection. The focus was on family, living in the moment and connecting with each other and nature... This is fluid throughout the entirety of the narrative, since connection, kindship and mindfulness lie at the core of this campaign and KING furniture functions as an organic means of bringing people together.

We approached the shoot in a way that we could maximise the amount of content we generated from the shoot. In the end we delivered approx. 100 unique

bits of content, from a 60sec Brand Film to various TV Commercials, Product Films and Pre-rolls.

Concept | Direction | Production/Shoot | Post | Final Delivery


This was our first major campaign for KING whom wanted to showcase their outdoor furniture through the meaningful narrative of family and Australian outdoor living. 


KING wanted to run a campaign promoting there outdoor furniture range.

Concept | Direction | Production | Post | Final Delivery



KING wanted to run a campaign promoting there outdoor furniture range.

Brand 15sec TVC

Retail 15sec TVC

Jasper Outdoor Product Film

King Cove Product Film

Delta Product Film

Zaza Product Film

Quay Product Film