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KING - The Style Edit with Neale Whitaker

Seasonal Content Films


Whist KING took care of the location, styling and script - we focused on pre and post-production.


Shooting took place in two locations. The first being Queens Park, at a small and sophisticated home in Sydney's eastern suburbs, and Gerringong, at a cool and contemporary ranch located on the south coast.


We made sure that the colour palette for each film was reflective of it's season - with rich and earthy tones integrated into the Autumn and Winter edits, and soft pastels and cooler hues for the Spring and Summer edits.


KING collaborated with their fabulously talented brand ambassador, Neale Whitaker to introduce KING's  seasonal furniture pieces for a range of seasonal content films.

Production | Post | Final Delivery



KING wanted to use Neale Whitaker their brand ambassador for seasonal content.





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